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Holiday Remembrance Program

The Importance Of A Funeral

Our Advantage


Our Funeral Service Promise


Put our 100+ years of experience to work for you.

Our goal has always been to provide dedicated, caring and thoughtful service to the families we serve. Loss of a loved one can be such a difficult experience for anyone to go through.

Our goal is to think of those things that you and your family will face. We are there to guide you through all of those details, great or small, to make sure you have “Peace of Mind”, knowing you have done what is right for your family and in particular the wishes of your loved one.

Our four generations of service in the funeral profession have equipped us with a legacy of understanding.



We provide for those things most important to you.

  • The phone call in the middle of the night…we are there.

  • Taking your loved one into our gentle care, whatever the circumstance…we are there.

  • Available to meet with you day or night…we are there.

  • Walking you through the myriad of details, be it legal, religious, government or social…we are there.

  • Providing solutions for your particular desires, including options you didn’t even know exist.... we are there.

The Martin family is here with our 105 years of reputation, to walk you through the difficult obstacles faced in the 21st century. We are leaders in our profession with advanced options and ideas to make your wishes happen.

A client once said to me, “Dale, I don’t know what it is I don’t know”. That comment stuck with me and to this day we have integrated into our systems a great deal of “Forethought”, providing for an intuition to the needs of the grieving Canadian family.

Our multi-ethnic approach to the many cultural differences existing in the Canadian landscape reminds us that we all came from somewhere. The Martin family emigrated from England five generations ago at the turn of the last century, settling in Western Canada.

Whatever your background, Martin Brothers has experienced the traditions particular to your heritage. Our understanding of the needs of your family and in particular how we memorialize our loved ones in this new millennium is critical and in the forefront of how we operate today.

Taking time to understand what is important to you and your family is first and foremost in the culture of our work.

In your hour of need...Martin Brothers is there