Dale Martin Jr.


Dale Martin Jr. is a third generation Funeral Director and President/Owner of Martin Brothers Funeral Services, a company with a history dating back to 1907. Along with their new location on Dunbar in Vancouver’s West Side, Martin is also Chairman of the Board for The Caring Group Corp., and owns other funeral homes, flower shops, and monument design operations across Alberta and British Columbia.
Martin was instrumental in development of The Caring Group Corp’s. proprietary software, “eCare” Funeral Home Management Systems. This ground breaking software is now used in over 100 funeral homes throughout Canada and is key and instrumental to the advancement in technology within the funeral profession.
Born in Alberta, Dale Martin Jr. is a graduate of Brentwood College School on Vancouver Island, and has always considered BC and Vancouver a second home. Martin attended the University of Lethbridge and studied Management Arts. His wife Colleen is Vancouver born and raised, and, along with their two boys, Will and Jack, the Martin family spends much of their time in Lethbridge and Vancouver. Martin is a member of Rotary Club of Lethbridge, Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau both in Lethbridge and Vancouver. He is a member of both the Alberta executive and British Columbia Funeral Service Associations and the Canadian Funeral Service Association.
In the business for the past 35 years, Martin knows both the value of commemorating a loved one and understands the ever-evolving funeral market. “With families being so spread out and so mobile, it is important to recognize that memorialization is changing and that we need to stay abreast of current trends,” says Martin. “We know that funerals are for the living, and what remains important is that we take the time and make the effort to gather as a family and commemorate our loved ones.”
Martin’s new Vancouver location at Dunbar is both sophisticated and current. It caters to the tastes and needs of all sectors of the Vancouver community, with an unique focus on the exclusive Ceremony at Sea option, where families can embark on the Martin Brothers’ Pacific Ceremony yacht and scatter their loved one’s cremated remains at sea; a meaningful and beautiful tribute for many West Coast people.

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