Episode #134 – Making Funeral Pre-arrangements – What You Need to Know


valerie martellHas anyone ever asked you about making funeral pre-arrangements? Do you ever think about how you’d like to be remembered by your loved ones after you’re gone? There’s more to making pre-arrangements for a memorial or funeral service than choosing songs, flowers, and a casket.

Arranging these things in advance can relieve your loved ones of the burden of guessing at how you might have wanted them to remember you. Doesn’t your family deserve this peace of mind?

If you want to know more about making funeral pre-arrangements, then listen to this episode of Forever in their Hearts, where host Erik Reynolds talks with Valerie Martell, Director of Operations for Martin Brothers Funeral Services who shares what you need to know to begin.

This is not the first time Erik and Valerie have discussed this topic. This episode, however, is your opportunity to learn fresh insight about the advantages of planning funerals in advance.

The Most Important Detail of Funeral Pre-Arrangements

Valerie kicks things off by explaining the most important decision you need to make when you decide to pre-arrange your funeral or memorial service.

During the podcast, she shares a common sentiment that families at the funeral home tell her once they’ve been through the process.

Next Valerie details what you need to begin pre-arrangements for a funeral. Is the thing holding you back from making your arrangements the same one that Valerie reveals in this episode?

The First Step in Funeral Pre-Arrangements

Then Valerie outlines the funeral pre-arrangement process. During the podcast, she answers frequently asked questions like:

  • Is it better to call or walk into the funeral chapel to make pre-arrangements?
  • How much information do I need to begin funeral pre-arrangements?
  • Are there any special documents that I need for making funeral pre-arrangements?

Now ask yourself these two things: Do I want to relieve my family of the burden of arranging my funeral? Am I ready to plan my memorial now? If you answered “Yes” to either or both of these questions, then you’ll want to visit Martin Brothers’ website where you can start the process.

The Advantage of Pre-Paying for Pre-Arrangements

Next Valerie discloses the advantages of pre-paying for a funeral, even if you are very much alive and in good health at the time that you begin planning at the funeral chapel.

The next advantage Valerie talks about is paying the balance upfront or making payments, and the benefits of each option, as well as an advantage for Canadian residents who travel.

Valerie addresses a situation when some families might be torn between pre-arranging and spending the final, precious moments with a loved one, and the pro’s and con’s of their decision.

The episode wraps up with Valerie offering some final thoughts on the topic and a reminder that there’s no obligation to discuss making funeral pre-arrangements at Martin Brothers.

Is Making Funeral Pre-Arrangements Right for You?

Are you interested in learning more about pre-planning a funeral? Do you have questions about the process? Listen to the episode now and then share your thoughts below. We look forward to discussing them with you.

Martin Brothers Funeral Services has more than 100 years of experience in providing thoughtful, dedicated services to families dealing with loss. If you are ready to take care of funeral pre-arrangements, have additional questions about their services, or are dealing with a loss, please contact them at their Vancouver office.

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