Klaus Wilkens

Klaus Wilkens

Klaus was born in Itzehoe, Germany, to Klaus and Marianne. He was the oldest of three brothers - Hans (Bable), Peter (Ingrid), Harry (deceased at age 3).


Klaus grew up in post war Germany where life was difficult, and he worked hard to provide a better life for himself and his family. He attended agricultural school in Schleswig Holstein and worked for several agricultural organizations in research for crop production and animal health.


In 1965 he Married Monika Kliche, and together they had 3 children, Ingmar (Simone), Maike and Marc (Cyndi). Klaus purchased a farm near his parents in Germany and farmed dairy cattle, but he wanted to move to the land of opportunity and big farms, so in 1973 they moved to Canada. Once in Canada, he owned and operated a dairy farm north of Toronto and was an innovator in the modernization of dairy production and optimization of crop yields in Canada. He retired from farming at the age of 50 and began a transportation business which he continued to operate until the age of 74 when a stroke slowed him down.


Over the years he always enjoyed his hobbies of gardening, playing with his horses and pets, and repairing cars.  He loved to play with his grandchildren - Hannah, Lane, Devin, Isaac, Jocelyn, Cienna and Liam.


In 2002, his wife Monika passed away. Thereafter, Klaus met and married Rachelle; he helped to raise her son (his step son) Ben.


In his last days Klaus still tended to his gardens and played with his pets, spent time with family and was an avid follower of world affairs and politics. He always pursued life with an abundance of energy and effort, whether it was work, play or family.  Klaus was always giving and willing to help out in any situation, fix something, or provide support of any kind, especially when it came to family.  His energy was infectious and it shaped his life and the lives of those around him. His loving, kind and caring personality will be missed by all. 


A Funeral Service will be held at 1:00 pm on Saturday, December 3, 2016 at Martin Brothers Funeral Services Chapel of Hope, 1270 Ryder Street, Hope, with Paul Yorke, celebrant.


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