Valerie Wong

Valerie Wong

1962 ~ 2017

 It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Valerie Eileen Wong on November 23, 2017 after her courageous battle with cancer. Together, we win that battle, as her accomplishments in life, far exceeds the evil of the disease that took her from us.

Valerie, my soul mate and the love of my life, the protector and educator of my children, and the builder and guardian of our home.

Valerie was born in Bassano and grew up in Standard, Alberta. She was the middle child in a family of 6 children. Valerie is the prettiest girl that I have ever met but she will tell you that she was always meant to be a boy. Empathy, compassion, protector, this was Valerie. She always showed compassion for the underdog and less fortunate. She had this unconditional love for animals and was intuitive with the feelings and needs for all beings. There are so many memories of Valerie and the boys caring for orphan or sick animals in the barn and of course, our own home. Quinton and Sawyer lived and learned the same passion and I am certain that her purpose in life will continue.

Fun loving and a prankster….we will miss her mischievous grin. Valerie loved a good laugh, or be the cause of a good laugh. Angel…..maybe…but at times her horns held up her halo.  She was active in sports and had a thirst for learning, she attended post-secondary and received a degree in Kinesiology and Education. Later in life, Valerie received her RMT in Massage Therapy and I truly believe that she was one of the finest therapist around. If allowed, Valerie would have performed her craft at no cost. Whenever time would permit, Valerie would be found at the Seniors Center, healing.

In 1991, we started our family and Valerie gave birth to our pride and joys, Quinton and Sawyer Wong. Motherhood came natural to Valerie, and she spent countless hours going to the library, reading, playing and educating our children. Oh…..she loves and is so proud of her boys. 

Valerie and I always had common visions and we loved to build things together. Always a hope and a dream. We spent most of our life together building things as a family and everything that we built was built with love. Our last project was the Lady Macdonald Inn in Canmore. Even though Valerie became sick shortly after we acquired the property, she worked harder than I have ever seen. Crazy passion. They say, they can feel the love and positive energy in the Inn and I am so proud of her accomplishments. Whatever Valerie dreamed, the boys and I would build. Valerie always spoke of her dreams and is engrained in our minds and we will continue to build her dreams. That is our promise.

It is Valerie’s wish, not to have a funeral service. She refuses to subject her children and husband to their sorrow in public. So selfless. She always was. We will further announce a date that we can get together to celebrate the incredible life of Valerie Eileen Wong. Please click on the link below for a slide show and songs chosen by Valerie and I.

Our love for you, Valerie, is endless and you will be on our minds forever. If there is a better place, I have no doubt you will be there and I only hope that we can meet again. Just rest knowing, that because of you, Quinton, Sawyer, and I will be alright.

With indescribable love,
Toon, Quinty, and Sawy

♫ There was a boy, and a girl, in a little canoe……….♫


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