your funeral wishes
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Why Preplan?

Pre-funding provides peace of mind, locks in today’s prices, and simplifies things for your loved ones at the time of your death. Provide peace of mind to your family by preplanning today!

Why pay in advance?

You can lock in today’s prices for products and services that likely will be more expensive in the future. By recording the merchandise and services you want, you can help your family avoid purchasing unnecessary additions to your services.

What is the biggest decision to make?

Letting your family and loved ones know if you want to be buried or cremated is one of the most difficult but most important decisions you will make. Preplanning your wishes will avoid any unnecessary stress during an already emotional time.

What type of service do you want?

Funerals, graveside services, and memorial services are the most common types of arrangements. Martin Brothers also offers a Pacific Ceremony, where ashes are scattered at sea.

There are also other events you may want, like wakes, viewings, and visitations. These are sometimes held before the service, and gatherings or receptions are often held after the service. These are just some of the things to be considered:
• Choosing a location for the service
• Deciding who you would like to serve as pallbearers
• Selecting readings and songs you would like to have
performed at the service
• Choosing an officiant
• Choosing participants
What takes place in a pre-arrangement interview?

First of all there is no cost for our assistance and guidance to help you put your information on file. You will meet with a professional who is gentle, knowledgeable, and kind. We have an agenda that we like to cover with each family, and we make it a high priority to provide the information that you need and want.

The interview includes:
• Information about Martin Brothers
• The value of having information on file
• Review of service and product options
• A cost estimate
• A review of pre-funding options
Why choose Martin Brothers?

Our goal is to provide the best possible value – which is the ideal combination of price and quality. Our mission is to help you commemorate the life of your loved one.

Since 1907 we have known that the most valuable thing we own is our reputation. This is why we hire and train people who are compassionate, creative, and committed to excellence. At times like these, it makes the best sense to select a funeral home with which you have confidence and trust. We believe you deserve nothing less.


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