Episode #137 – When a Loved One is Requesting “No Funeral Service”


valerie martellHave you ever heard of someone requesting no funeral service? Do you ever consider not having a funeral service yourself? When this happens, loved ones face the challenge of honoring the deceased’s final wishes while allowing themselves a time of mourning.

After someone passes away who has requested no funeral, their loved ones truly have no say in the matter. Can you see the benefits of discussing funeral planning sooner than later?

If you want to know more about when a loved one requests “no funeral service”, then listen to this episode of Forever in their Hearts, where host Erik Reynolds talks with Valerie Martell, Director of Operations for Martin Brothers Funeral Services about the topic.

Funerals are a healthy part of the mourning process. This interview is a chance to learn about alternatives for celebrations of life that don’t include planning a memorial or funeral service.

Why Are Some People Requesting “No Funeral Service”?

The episode begins with Valerie explaining why some people request “no service” when it comes time to commemorate their life.

Then Valerie goes on to explain the purpose of a funeral service and what happens to the attendees who attend a service at the funeral chapel in Vancouver.

It’s only natural that we want to respect the wishes of a departed relative or friend. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to celebrate their life without going against their last requests?

Commemorating a Loved One Lost without a Service

Next Valerie outlines some funeral or memorial service alternatives. She answers questions such as:

  • Are there ways to announce someone’s death without planning a funeral?
  • Is it okay for family to gather together to reminisce about our loved one lost?
  • What other things can we do at the funeral home without having an actual funeral?

Now ask yourself these two things: Do I plan to request “no funeral service”? Am I aware of anyone who plans to request their family skip the process? If you answered “Yes” to either or both of these questions, then you may be interested in hearing Valerie’s thoughts on the topic..

How Can a Family Mourn While Respecting a Person’s Wishes?

Then Valerie segues to some ways people can meet their own needs to mourn while honoring a departed loved one’s wishes of “no funeral service”.

Valerie draws from her experiences of working at the funeral home in Vancouver to offer suggestions for other ways a family can gather without having an actual funeral.

The Greater Vancouver area has a myriad of venues that are perfect for a low-key gathering to remember a loved one lost without having to plan a memorial or funeral service.

The episode wraps up with Valerie sharing her final thoughts on requests for “no funeral service” and reminding that efficiency does not always mean effectiveness.

Are You Considering Not Having a Funeral Service?

Have you ever thought that “no funeral service” would be easier than going through all the planning? Have you ever considering planning a funeral so your family won’t have to do it? After the podcast, leave your comments and experiences below. Let’s talk through them together.

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