Episode #133 – Practical Tips to Help Seniors Deal with Loss and How to Thrive in Their Golden Years


valerie martellDo you ever wish you had a list of resources to help an seniors deal with loss? Are you feeling helpless because you have an elderly loved one who isn’t thriving in their golden years? Fortunately there are resources for the elderly dealing with this, and they are right here in the Greater Vancouver area.

It’s important for seniors to have a place to go for practical tips on health and how to thrive after retirement. Can you see why this is an important resource for the entire community?

If you want to know more about practical tips to help seniors, then listen to this episode of Forever in their Hearts, where host Erik Reynolds talks with Valerie Martell, Director of Operations for Martin Brothers Funeral Services who shares how to help the elderly thrive.

In the last episode of the podcast, Valerie shared tips to help seniors deal with loss. This episode is your opportunity to hear more and learn how to help them thrive in their golden years.

Where to Find Resources for Seniors

The episode begins with Valerie sharing resources for families and friends who want to help seniors deal with loss and thrive in the golden age of their retirement.

Then Valerie goes on to point out the one free resource every neighborhood in Vancouver has for seniors. She also shares resources for seniors who may have mobility issues.

The support from a community can be as imperative to an elderly person as help from their biological family. Can you see how the resource Valerie mentions would help connect people?

How Seniors Deal With Loss: Some Losses Hit Harder than Others

Next Valerie explains what loss hits the hardest for seniors. She goes on to answer frequently asked questions about practical tips to help seniors such as:

  • Why are losses so hard on our elderly loved ones?
  • What goes through a senior’s mind when a peer passes away?
  • How do compounded losses affect grief for seniors?

Now ask yourself these two things: Do I want to help a senior adult thrive in the community? Am I an older person facing the loss of my peers? If you answered “Yes” to either or both of these questions, then you’ll want to check out the resources Valerie mentions in this podcast.

Slow vs Significant Changes in a Senior’s Life

Then Valerie segues to the topic of action steps to make changes in the life of an elderly person, especially after a spouse dies and they are the only person left living in a home.

Some decisions will require quick, significant changes but, as Valerie cautions, other changes should come about slowly because they require more thought and family-wide discussion.

Valerie draws on her experiences working in the funeral chapel in Vancouver to offer sage advice based on actual conversations on the topics discussed in this episode of the podcast.

The episode concludes with Valerie sharing the most common resource you can reach out to if you need practical tips to help seniors.

Are You Ready to Take Action Steps?

Do you need practical tips to help seniors in your family or neighborhood? Are you a senior member of the community in need of resources? After you listen to the podcast, please leave your questions and requests below so we can talk through them with you.

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