Peter McGregor Archibald

Peter McGregor Archibald





I had the pleasure of working with Peter for about 10 years at Davis LLP. My first memory of him is when I brought him some requested documents from the courthouse registry. I was a lowly summer articling student and he seemed serious and bit scary. I handed him the documents and waited nervously. As he read them, he tipped back in his chair, his face twisting into that little side smile and laughing that gravelly laugh. Then he put his feet up on his desk and I noticed that he had martini-printed socks. This guy's not so scary after all, I thought. Peter and I shared an assistant for many years, and despite my best efforts to be charming, he was always the favourite. He was such a great lawyer. He was able to get to the heart of an issue quickly and concisely. He was formidable on his feet. And he did it all with ease. Peter inspired the trust and confidence of his clients, so much so that they stayed with him for many years. Some of the clients I work with today are with me because they were so loyal to Peter. One of my favourite memories of Peter is when I came to tell him I was pregnant with my first child. I was nervous as I knew my mat leave would be inconvenient to those I worked with. But Peter was so excited for me to become a parent. He smiled and reminisced about his boys being born, and then he turned to me and told me that if at any time in my pregnancy I felt like my job was impacting my health, I should go off on medical leave. "Mag," he said, "I mean it. No job could ever be more important than the health of you and your baby." I was so touched by this sensitivity and tenderness. It really showed that underneath that gruff exterior was a big softy that cared about family above anything else. He was a great guy, and I'll miss him.
Maggie Campbell
September 22, 2018
I had the privilege of working with Peter for several years. I remember his wry humour and his many kindnesses. Bob and I enjoyed several visits to his beloved Hornsby. What stands out is how lovingly he spoke of his sons. He was very proud of you. Our thoughts are with you. Sincerely, Melany Franklin and Bob Kitchen
Melany Franklin
September 19, 2018
It has been a few years since I worked closely with Pete. In the 80's we made good labour policy together for the province of BC. His voice always heard, his humour always appreciated. His passion unforgettable. Ran into him on occasion, same great guy. BC is poorer for his ealry departure. Conolences to those who loved him.
bob plecas
September 18, 2018
Peter and I were football teammates at Mount Allison. He was athletic and a very keen competitor. A good guy to be around on and off the playing field. My condolences to his family.
David Glen
September 18, 2018
To Peter's family and friends, my deepest condolences. Two years behind Peter at Mt A, I followed and envied Peter's Allisonian life. Not a man to be forgotten. May he continue to throw beautiful passes to us. Bryan Scully, Class of '69, Mount Allison U.
Bryan Scully
September 18, 2018
I met Peter when I worked for Ledalite and we were first certified by the CAW in the early 90's. We hired Peter to be the lead negotiator for us for our first contract and several contracts after that. I spent many hours in hotel rooms and LRB meeting rooms in caucus with Peter and he was definitely one of a kind. There are very few people you meet in your life that are truly unforgettable and he was one for me. The man was quick with a laugh, and spoiling for a fight, sometimes in the same minute. At the start of each negotiating session with the union, Peter would start with a Lawyer joke to lighten the mood. Interestingly, the union negotiators also always told a Lawyer joke, never a business agent joke. The CAW Business Agent for one contract negotiation was Jeff Keithley. Peter was super excited one morning when we met for a negotiating session at the Labour relations board. He kept telling us "this was going to be good". Peter and Jeff Keithley, I think it is safe to say didn't go out for a beer after a completed round of negotiations. They were mostly professional with each other, but their was definitely friction between them. On that morning, rather than his usual Lawyer joke, Peter said, "Hey Jeff, I just found out your brother is Joey Shithead from DOA" Jeff Keithley lit up and proudly confirmed it. "I have to ask", Peter said, "which one of you changed their name"? He was so happy with himself all day and it was infectious for the rest of us. He was a good guy, I'm glad I knew him. Rest in peace Peter Archibald. Pat Murphy
Pat Murphy
September 17, 2018
Peter and I were classmates at “Dal Law” (as then known). As I practiced in Ontario and Pete in BC, I doubt our paths crossed following graduation. He was one of the good guys!
Ceri Hugill
September 16, 2018
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